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Ultimate Eight-Card Spiritual Guidance Healing Reading & Talisman Package

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In this package, you get a healing tarot reading using the Spiritual Guidance Spread (8 cards), as well as a custom healing jewelry talisman to help you on your path. This is the best package to get if you are seeking a great deal of guidance.

This spiritual guidance reading and healing includes 88 minutes for the reading, as well as the additional time needed to discuss what needs to go into your FREE jewelry talisman.

The talisman will be based on the path you discover via the tarot reading and will use materials based on that. It could be anything from quartz crystals of appropriate color, gemstones of appropriate type, charms, chain links, necklace cord, engraved words, and more. It all depends on not only your style preferences, but also on what your reading reveals you need. You may also choose from our pre-made healing jewelry if it speaks to your spiritual and life path.

All healing sessions are done between 8 am and 8 pm MST either via email, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or WhatsApp. Once you order, we will send an email to the address you used to order from, where we will set up your session in an email or text chat location that works for you.

If your reading involves a card deck, we will let you know the available choices upon contact.

Ordained Shaman, Healing Minister, Soul Therapist, & Alchemist: Lyn Lomasi

(*Healing, crystal, and gemstone meanings are for informational purposes only. Please do your own research. Individual results, beliefs, intents, and usage may vary. We are not responsible for your use, misuse, interpretations, or misinterpretations of any healing info or products. Be safe and be wise.)