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Organic Cinnamon Bark Chips 1 lb

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Use these Organic Cinnamon Bark Chips for healing and rituals. Common uses include tinctures and salves for reducing inflammation and infection, protection from evil, clairvoyance, spiritual elevation, focus, astral projection, meditation, love charms and spells, money manifestation, courage, dream protection, strength, wisdom, communication, peace, happiness, prosperity, success, and healing.

Sourced and Blessed by Ordained Shaman, Healing Minister, Soul Therapist, & Alchemist: Lyn Lomasi

Custom intentions can be chosen as well, to be infused by healer.

(*Crystal and magic interpretations are for informational purposes only. Please do your own research. Individual results, beliefs, and spell usage may vary. We are not responsible for your use, misuse, or interpretations of any magic-related info or products. Be safe and be wise.)