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About The Owners

Lyn Lomasi is founder and owner of Intent-sive N8R by Brand Shamans Content Community, LLC. Services include ordained soul therapy and healing ministry, business success coaching, business success services, handcrafted healing jewelry, ethereal and anointing oils, altar and spiritual supplies and services, handcrafted healing beauty products, and more!

Lyn is your brand healing, soul healing, marketing & content superhero to the rescue! While rescuing civilians from boring business practices and energy vampires, this awesomely crazy family conquers evil and creates change. They live among tigers, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, and other fantastic energies, teaching others to claim their own power and do the same.

By supporting us, you support a dedicated parent, healer, and minority small business that helps people in need directly. Profits from our all-inclusive store support these causes and our beautiful family!